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Letter from Charles Monroe Weaver to Clyde H. Hunter


Letter from Charles Monroe Weaver b. 2-15-1867 d. 1-15-1957
Son of Cynthia Ann Hunter and Jesse Weaver. Grandson of Jacob Hunter (II)


December 6th, 1936.

Mr. Clyde H. Hunter,
Quincy, Illinois.

My Dear Clyde:

Very sorry I have not been able to acknowledge your two-last letters until now; but sickness, funerals and the death of our little Grandbaby in Chicago, and other hindering causes have prevented.

First, let me tell you, I have been to see your Father and Mother and am so sorry your Father is in such poor state of health. I will go see him again soon as I can find time.

Now as to your first letter, or one before the last, I had not answered: The Uncle Henry Hunter you enquired about, was, I am told, only a Cousin of our Grandfather-Hunter. I was only a small Lad when he came to Grandfather’s, but I remember him quite distinctly. I am not able to give you any information about Manuel Hunter’s Bro’s or Sisters.

As to Grandfather’s family, I have a fragmentary part of some old Family-Bible Record that was in possession of Aunt Judy Ann Sanders. After she died, her Daughter-in law, gave me this small bit of that Record in which I find listed as children of Manuel and Judith Hunter, the following named Children: Jacob, born Jan. 18, 18071; Milberry, (I find you have it, “MILBURG”) born March 12, 1810; George W. born Dec. 23, 1811; Allen, born Oct 25, 1813; Mary, born Nov. 20, 1815; Elizabeth, born Feby. 23, 1817. The names of Isabelle, Jane, Polly and Judith Ann, does not appear; nor, Robert and Braxton. But “Polly” married Drew Felts; Milberry, married a Ralls, and I do not know who Elizabeth and Jane married. Isabelle, married John Lee. I do not remember of ever hearing any of our family speak of a Robert Hunter; but have heard them speak of Braxton as one of Grandfather’s Brothers. I am sure there was a Braxton in the family for, Aunt Isabelle Lee named one of her Son Braxton and Aunt Judy Ann Sanders has a Grand son by that Name. I presume that the “Mary” of this old Record I have, is the “Polly” you mention in your letter.

I think it very likely that those heirs not accounted for in any of the Records thus far available, may have died young before the Hunters settled in this State. I hope you may find all missing links you need and desire to have, if it is possible to obtain them, and wishing you all possible success in every way, I am sincerely yours,


Chas. Weaver

1 This is a typo; Jacob was born in 1809.