Grave Listing of the Braxton Lee Cemetery

There are 22 unmarked graves that have been located in the Braxton Lee Cemetery. By the size of the graves, it is estimated that there are 6 adult graves, 6 adolescent graves, 8 children graves, and 2 small baby graves. Historical records confirm that Braxton Lee and his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Hatcher Lee are buried at this cemetery. Substantial evidence exists that Jacob Hunter and Mary Polly Dancer Hunter Lee were buried here also. It is very probable that Braxton’s children listed below were also buried at this location.

Elizabeth Ann Hatcher Lee, b. 7-7-1768 d. 11-23-1807; Daughter of Archibald Hatcher. She was born in Franklin County Virginia. She married Charles Braxton Lee on 2-4-1790 in Franklin County Virginia. She and Braxton had 8 children.

Charles Braxton Lee, b. 8-2-1766 d. 4-8-1841; Son of Stephen Lee and Ann Poor. Braxton was born in Goochland County Virginia. He moved to middle Tennessee from Fluvanna County Virginia in 1797. He served as a Captain in McCormick’s Militia Company in the War of 1812. He and Annie Hatcher had 8 children. On May 20, 1808 Braxton married Mary Polly Dancer Hunter, a widow of Jacob Hunter on the same day that Braxton’s daughter Judith Lee married Mary Polly’s son Emmanuel Hunter. Braxton and Mary Polly had two children (Stephen Lee b. 7-1-1811 d. 1872-1880 and Caron Lee b. 11-4-1826 d. ?). Braxton operated a large plantation with multiple businesses known as Leeland Station. He provided supplies and food to riverboats on the Cumberland River.

George Seaton Lee, b. 1800 d. 1811; Son of Braxton Lee and Elizabeth Ann Hatcher Lee.

Anna P. Lee, b. 1802 d. 1807; Daughter of Braxton Lee and Elizabeth Ann Hatcher Lee.

Susanna Rebecca Lee, b. 1804 d. 1811; Daughter of Braxton Lee and Elizabeth Ann Hatcher Lee.

Jacob Hunter, b. ca. 1755 d. 1806; Proof has not yet been established as to his parents, but it is believed by most that his father was Dempsey (Demcy) Hunter of North Carolina. This Dempsey (Demcy) married Unity. They are believed to be the parents of Jacob and his brothers Dempsey, Allen, and William David Hunter. Jacob enlisted in Volunteer Company, Colleton Co. Regiment of Foot under Captain Andrew Cummings on 10-9-1775 in Saltcatchers and Edisto District, South Carolina. He enlisted in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment, Commanded by Col. William Thompson on 7-16-1777. In 1786 he married Mary Polly Dancer, daughter of Peter Dancer in South Carolina. In 1798 he purchased property on Sycamore Creek in Robertson County (now Cheatham County) Tennessee. Jacob and Polly had 6 children.

Mary Polly Dancer Hunter Lee, b. 1770 d. 1842-1850; She was a daughter of Peter Dancer (Dantzer) (b. 1730 d. 1783). She and Jacob had 6 children. After Jacob died in 1806, Polly married Braxton Lee on May 20, 1808. They had two children (Stephen Lee b. 7-1-1811 d. 1872 and Caron Lee b. 11-4-1826 d. ?). After Braxton died, she married Isaac Weakley in 1842.