Please Support the Jacob Hunter Trust

The Jacob Hunter Trust, a Tax-Exempt, 501 (c) 13 Charitable Organization, depends on individual financial contributions to support our research and the ongoing repair and maintenance of our family cemeteries. Please consider making a donation today.


Your gift in the form of a personal check can be written to the Jacob Hunter Trust, and mailed to 10202 Briggs Road, Marion, IL 62959.


Donations may be made instantly by selecting the PayPal button below:

You may use any credit card or request electronic fund transfers from your bank account.


You can remember the Trust in your will. A simple bequest, as follows will suffice: “I give and bequeath to the Jacob Hunter Trust, a trust created to preserve the history and the burial grounds of descendants of William Hunter, the sum of $ (amount).”


A simple way to remember the Trust is through a Payable on Death Trust (POD) account. You can open such an account at your bank or savings and loan. You open this kind of account by creating it in the name of “(Your Name) Payable on Death to the Jacob Hunter Trust.” The Trustee is Richard H. Hunter, 10202 Briggs Road, Marion, IL 62959. You maintain full control over this account as long as you live. You can increase or decrease the amount, or close it out without notifying anyone; you are entitled to the income therefrom as long as you live and it is entirely confidential. The only difference between it and any other account you own is that, upon your death, the balance that is in the account is paid to the Jacob Hunter Trust.