New Book on William Hunter (weaver) of Nansemond Co. VA

William Hunter of Nansemond County

and His Early Descendants

A genealogical study of an early American family of Virginia and North Carolina

By the Hunter Family Research Group

In the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century records of Nansemond County, Virginia, William Hunter is documented as an immigrant, a weaver, a militia captain, a judge of the quorum, and a prosperous freeholder. Although evidence of his exact origins has not been proved, he seems to have come out of one of the shires of northern England, likely Northumberland, Durham, or Yorkshire, where the Hunter surname and William’s profession of weaving were prominent in the sixteenth century and earlier.

In America the Hunters initially were identified as Virginians, but after the refiguring of the state’s southern boundary in 1728, their lands lay in North Carolina. Thus the Hunters of Nansemond  became North Carolinians of Chowan County. William Hunter’s descendants are legion. His children left many heirs, and this book traces them through five or more generations as they migrated to other counties of North Carolina, to South Carolina, to Georgia, and beyond.

Teeming with family names and identifications, this work, researched and compiled by the Hunter Family Research Group, is an essential resource for descendants wishing to know and understand their Hunter ancestry. It features meticulous documentation, citing wills, land records, military records, census records, and family papers. Included also are genealogical trees and an index of names.

The Hunter Family Research Group, headed by Raymond Hunter, is composed of descendants of William Hunter’s sons. The group members are Raymond Hunter, Still Hunter, Rob Hunter, Richard Hunter, Thomas Hunter, Tony Hunter, Martha Rester,  and Hunter Cole.

8 1/2 x 11 in., 214 pages, 60 family charts, index.

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