The Hunter Family (1952) by Clyde Holland Hunter (1889-1989)

Clyde Holland HunterFrom around 1900 to his death in 1989, Clyde Holland Hunter devoted countless hours and substantial resources researching the history of Jacob Hunter (ca 1755-1806), a Revolutionary War soldier, who moved his family from South Carolina to middle Tennessee in 1793, and his descendants.  Clyde was widely known as a successful accountant, CPA, and an accomplished genealogist.  Those who carry on this passion for preserving the history of this and related families owe a debt of gratitude to Clyde.

In 1952 Clyde summarized what he had learned to date in a report he titled The Hunter Family.  This report contains several exhibits that document his research.  The Jacob Hunter Trust decided to make this foundational report available from our website.  This is a large pdf file, so please allow sufficient time for it to download.