UPDATE on the Leeland Homestead Gathering

The open house on May 14th was a huge success with over 100 visitors in attendance. The gathering turned into a homecoming for many first time visitors! We met so many family members and new friends and there were lots of stories from past and present.

Duane Elliott was able to capture lots of family connections on the computer and we will be posting these to the website family tree in the near future. Robert and Beverly Lee from Franklin, TN discovered a photo of his father that he had never seen before. We scanned dozens of new pictures brought to the event, be sure to visit the Lee Family Photos Gallery here on the website for some of the pictures. More photos coming soon. Wouldn’t it be great, someday, to find a picture of Braxton and Mary Polly? or maybe Jacob Hunter? Keep looking, it could happen!

The food and fellowship were great and the weather never produced the bad storms predicted. Folks were there from as far away as Missouri and several visitors from the community also attended. Be sure to look for more info about the event coming soon!